Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper of a Cavour, Camillo Benso di 1860-02-03 #4030

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper of.
Cavour, Camillo Benso di.
03 Febbraio 1860.

                                                                                                    London, February 3.1860

      My dear Count Cavour,
      The feeling in England among all classes who desire the welfare of Italy, is one of joy and gratitude to God for your return to office.
      No one can entertain that feeling more strongly than I do. I congratulate not you, but your country on this happy event; and most heartily do I pray that it may lead to the secure establishment of civil and religious Liberty throughout every portion of the land where the Italian tongue is spoken.
      But may I add one word of entreaty (wich wourd would be, not only mine, but that of the great majority of my fellow-citizens) that you will never listen to any scheme for the separation of Nice and Savoy from the Crown of Sardinia. We, here in Great Britain, loathe the very thought of it. We think that it would tarnish very much the motives and conduct of the Emperor of the French; and, not a little, the motives and conduct of the Sardinian Government. It would throw a stain on the whole effort for national Independence; and entirely alienate the affections of Englishmen.
      We hate the traffic in the rights and freedom of peoples, as we hate the traffic in Slavery, and human flesh. And we protest against any thing that shall substitute the influence of France for the influence of Austria, and jeopardize in any measure, the peace, comfort and security of the Swiss Republics.
      Pray excuse me for thus writing to you; it is forced on me by the very deep respect I have for yourself, and the intense interest I feel for the honour and welfare of Italy.
      Believe me, yours.

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Anthony Ashley Cooper of Shaftesbury, Emperor of the French, Crown of Sardinia.
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