11 maggio 1835

J’ai écrit à P. C. et à Gustave. In East Kent the endeavours of the assistant commissioner for putting in practice the new poor law, found not the least opposition from the magistrates and the clergymen of the committee. With few trifling exceptions the old unions of Kent were all levelled to the ground, and the whole district willingly submitting itself to the recommendation of the Poor-law-Board, it was divided into sixteen unions, most of which comprehend within a circle of upwards ten miles diameter, a population of nearly 10000. With respect to the poor law commissioners, out of about 2000 applications they have received for the situation of assistant commissioners, they have selected twelve individuals, to at least ten of whom they were previously total strangers. Their urbanity has already gained for them the zeal of their servants and since their appointment they have unremittingly devoted themselves to the laborious duties of office Quarterly Review, april 1835.