04 gennaio 1834 - 04 gennaio 1834


      The following observation is most true; I have been able to verify it many times by my own experience.

      «It is possible for a person to be very intimate, nay, even to live long in the same house, with a married couple who have any tolerable discretion, and not even guess at the sour sentiment [which] they bear to each other; for though the whole day may be sometimes too short for hatred, as well as love; yet the many hours which they naturaly spend together, apart from all observers, furnish people of tolerable moderation with such ample opportunity for the enjoyment of either passion, that if they love, they can support being a few hours in company without toying, or, if they hate, without spitting in each other’s faces».

      Mistress Blifil was now recovered of her fit, and, to use the common phrase [sic], was as well as could be expected for [sic] one in her condition.

      Mr de Talleyrand disait en 92: «Le Duc d’Orléans est le vase où l’on a jeté toutes les immondices de la révolution».

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Mistress Blifil, Mr de Talleyrand, duc d'Orléans.